JTE PVC Grommet Punch & Weld 

The JTE PVC Grommet Punch and Weld is a table top system that welds PVC and PU grommets to similar plastic material in seconds. This is done by using a highly refined solid state RF generator to weld while simultaneously punching to create the complete reinforced hole, eyelet, or grommet. This complete solution requires no existing RF equipment, and is extremely easy to use, with touchscreen controls. Unlike traditional RF machine solutions, there is no expensive oscillator tube that needs replacement. It comes complete with a 50-grommet magazine, and includes auto-feeding. It is fully supported by the JTE Technical 24/7 Service team. 

The quality of the weld is very repeatable and reliable, accomplishing the weld and punch within a few seconds. Also, the material can be easily indexed manually or automatically. Welded grommets are approx. 40% stronger than metal punched grommets, because they do not puncture the material and there are no weak points with a welded grommet- only a superior reinforced edge. In fact, the fused area is actually stronger than the one layer of material. 


  • Military Tents 
  • Signs and Banners 
  • Curtains 
  • Medical 
  • Truck Covers 
  • Marine 
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