The annual IFAI Expo will take place on October 15th through October 18th at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center in Dallas, Texas. JTE will have a booth at the expo, where we will be showcasing our latest line of automated welding and cutting solutions. JTE is one of the few companies in the world that offers items like a fully integrated, material roll storage and delivery system, and multi-function static and conveyor cutting systems together with RF Welding and we are excited to bring these new innovations in automation to the Expo.

One of the machines that JTE will introduce is the multifunction cutter. Ours is one of the first solutions to showcase the marriage of automation and fabric RF welding, the multifunction cutter is an automatic flatbed or conveyor cutting machine that is specially designed for cutting and marking flexible materials. This machine can be used across multiple industries- including the awnings, inflatables, industrial doors, and tensile structures to name a few.  Adding automation to your current fabric welding lineup not only increases efficiency, but increases the life of the machine and decreases the cost of ownership. To learn more about adding automation, stop by our booth which is number #909.

In other exciting news, JTE will be hosting a giveaway throughout the duration of the Expo! Each day there will be an Amazon gift card up for grabs, with values ranging from 25$ all the way to 100$. Everyone who signs up for the giveaway has a chance to win all three prizes, unless you have already won a prize. Entry is easy- simply visit our website to fill out the form.

We know that the Expo is a crazy three days, which is why we are offering the option to schedule your demo ahead of time so that you can better maximize your time- and to make sure you get in to see us! Click here to schedule your demo.

We look forward to seeing everyone at the Expo!






For the second year in a row, JTE showcased its innovative technology at the NIBA Expo, NIBA/PTDA Joint Summit held at the Diplomat Beach Resort in Hollywood, FL on Sept. 27-30.  As the leading designer and fabricator of 3-D tooling and High Frequency (RF) Welding machines for the Lightweight Belting industry, JTE has set new standards for safety, quality, efficiency, and ease of use in the high frequency (RF) welding of PVC and PU cleats, sidewalls, edge caps, finger splices, and v-guides on PVC and PU coated and homogenous belts.

At the show, JTE featured its new sectional cleat tool which is the first commercially available tool to weld cleats up to and within the inside edge of sidewalls. It consists of multiple one inch segments with custom end pieces that are available to adjust to exact belt width. This tool, like other JTE modular tools is adjustable to allow for variations in length, height, and thickness of cleat.

In addition to RF Welders, Tooling, V-guide Notching and V-guide welding solutions, JTE continues to add new solutions to its Belting machine portfolio, and plans to introduce at least one new machine in the next 6 months. In an effort to share its expertise of RF welding technology,  JTE is currently scheduling training seminars specifically for belting applications and will be announcing the 2018 Training schedule soon – stay tuned for updates!

The Expo and Conference was a great way for JTE to connect with current customers and many new companies who desire to improve the quality and efficiency of their lightweight belt manufacturing. Call 800-355-4JTE or email tevling@jtemachines.com for more information or to schedule a site visit.




JTE Machines participated in the annual IFAI Expo which ran from September 26-29th in New Orleans, LA. The IFAI Expo which offers industry members the opportunity to interact with one another amongst product demonstrations and educational panels, offered something new this year: the opportunity for all manufacturers to come together for charity.

The IFAI introduced as a new addition to the expo this year, Manufacturing for Good, which is a live manufacturing experience that demonstrates the making of a duffel bag from start to finish. These duffel bags had a special final destination: Raintree Children & Family Services, which is a nonprofit organization that assists at-risk children and youth in New Orleans and its surrounding areas.

This event, which acted as a pop-up factory, highlighted machines from nine different manufacturers who all played a part in the construction of the duffel bags. JTE Machines was able to showcase their tabletop automatic PVC grommet punch and weld machine as they were in charge of installing the grommets on the duffel bags allowing for colorful name tags to be attached. While live demonstrations occur at every trade show, the products typically created are discarded at the end of the show. Not this time. 70 duffel bags were created as a result of the efforts of JTE and the other manufacturers. These duffel bags will be put to good use by the youth at Raintree Children & Family Services!



The rest of the Expo was just as exciting. Over the next four days JTE met with hundreds of companies in need of fabric welding, cutting, and automation solutions to increase productivity within their shops. These solutions often enable them to replace their scarce resource sewing operations with easy to use RF and Ultrasonic welding machines that can be operated by anyone. JTE also participated as a panelist in the “Choosing a Welder” seminar and conducted a “Welding Machine Safety and Maintenance” workshop which took place on the show floor! Traci Evling, (Managing Director of JTE Machines) commented, “Thank you to all of the visitors who stopped by the booth and attended these seminars- we look forward to seeing you again in Dallas next year or sooner at your own facility!”

To learn more, visit the JTE Machines website which has just been re-designed, and was debuted at the Expo!






JTE visited the annual IFAI Expo in Minnesota. Here are some pictures from the event!





Here are some pictures from JTE’s visit to the 2015 IFAI Tradeshow!




At the October 2014 IFAI show in Minneapolis,  JTE received a very positive response to its four new machine solutions, in addition to much interest in the new software update on the FIAB 900 Traveling RF welder. The new solid state JTE Tabletop Grommet Welder made its debut (pictured), along with the JTE 10kw Transportable welder on wheels for easy transport from one location to another on a customer’s production floor. The JTE Ultrasonic X/Y Weld and Cut system was discussed in the Cutting Workshop, but the real Showstopper was the new SeamSTRONG rotary adhesive bonding machine- the easy to use, and undeniably reliable solution for bonding acrylics, polyester, marine materials and more!

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