Sonic Hand Held Welder and Hand Press

This convenient, lightweight ultrasonic welder can tack, repair, and permanently weld almost any thermoplastic material including nonwovens, Tyvek, polyesters, and PVC. It is simple to use, (with “Weld by Energy” feature), and can be taken anywhere there is 110V power and a hard surface to place behind the material to be welded. Unlike hot air welding, only one hand is needed to get strong welds within seconds. No rollers or tape needed. 

The JTE Sonic Hand Held can be mounted in the JTE Hand Press for repeatable and the most consistent welds. Together these devices are the best way to close pocket ends, weld straps, tabs, hook and loop. Applications for the JTE Sonic Hand Held and JTE Hand Press include: 

  • Tent and Structure Repair
  • Tack welding prior to sewing
  • Hem Closing on Shades and Banners
  • Lanyards, Straps, and Handles
  • Packaging and Labeling
  • Small Apparel 
  • Military Products 
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