RF Belt Welder (6-20kw)


Lightweight belt fabrication leaders are embracing a new standard in RF welding technology for PVC/PU cleated belts. The JTE RF Belt welder requires no previous RF welding experience, allowing the operator to simply recall recipes on a full color touch screen for safe, fast, consistent, and higher quality welding of cleats, sidewalls, and more. It is available in a full range of sizes and power to accommodate small timing belts up to large belts 2.5m wide, for both endless and open belts. JTE’s 24/7 global service and support, along with comprehensive operations, maintenance, and application training is the best in the industry. JTE provides cost effective modular tooling and additional equipment such as the JTE V-Guide Welder and JTE V-Guide Automatic Notching machine to complete this total solution. 


  • PVC/PU Cleats
  • PVC/PU Sidewalls
  • PVC/PU Edge Caps
  • PVC/PU Finger Splices 
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